What are the most popular platforms for online promotions

9 May by admin

What are the most popular platforms for online promotions

Promoting your business is a key feature of success – finding a right platform to do so can help you reach a huge number of customers and visitors and bring you great profit. In today’s digital world, in order to succeed, a businessman must have good social media marketing skills. Here are some of the most popular platforms for online promotion of your business or website.


LinkedIn is a great place to start an online promotion of your brand, mostly because the relationships on it are strictly professional, unlike other social networks. It is true that your audience will be much smaller, but the visitor to your website and business will be more relevant to your field of expertise. LinkedIn is the best social media site for promotional networking – it should be a starting point for every entrepreneur when thinking about online marketing.


Facebook is a well-known online social networking tool, used for years for promoting various businesses and brands. It is the biggest social network on the Internet, which makes it the most reliable promotion platform for smaller entrepreneurs. Facebook offers various ways of promoting your business – from reaching users organically to boosting your post and distributing your brand to vast audiences.


Instagram is mostly a visual media marketing platform, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot create a useful promotional post on it. On the contrary, Instagram’s story feature is a great way of appealing to a large group of individuals that might be interested in your brand or business, because you can use different visuals and combine them with various hashtags to create a unique marketing strategy for your brand or business.


If you think 140 characters is not enough to promote your brand, think twice. With a good marketing strategy and great promotional images, you won’t need many words to convince a visitor that what you are trying to promote is worth its fame. You can use Twitter to communicate with potential business partners, advertisers that might be interested in selling your product to their clients, to release the latest news about your business and much more. The option to make an ad targeted at a specific audience makes it even easier for you to promote your business.


Reddit is mostly a news social media website where you, as a registered user, can submit content and write posts about your brand or business. These submissions can later be voted on, thus giving more users an opportunity to view your content and reach your brand easily. Those posts which have the most votes appear on the top of the page. The existence of special communities makes it easier for users who share the similar interests to find exactly what they are looking for.


Google+ is another great marketing tool for start-up entrepreneurs. You can easily find groups that are closely linked to your brand and share the content with them only or choose to target a broader audience and share your business with the world. Enter a community on Google+, because communities unite users that share similar interests – and the best part is that anyone can join and post.

Social media platforms, if used wisely, can become your number-one source of attracting more visitors to your business or brand.