What does it feel like to be an artist in today’s world

22 Sep by admin

What does it feel like to be an artist in today’s world

If you are an artist in today’s society, you must feel all the burdens that this profession carries with it. Being an artist in the modern society often feels harder than others might think – one of the reasons for it is that today’s society has less and less appreciation for artists of any kind. Artists try hard to fit in, yet, often, their attempts remain unsuccessful. It is confusing for a young artist to face the non-acceptance of other members of the society. However, by taking smaller steps, artists meet others of their kind, the starting awkwardness disappears and they start circling around people who understand them more.

Regardless of the impact of the society, and whether the society wants to accept a young and inspiring artist, there is the omnipresent need for creativity. Self-criticism often follows the artist around, and doubt tends to linger even after being successful at an event – for example, hosting an exhibition or selling a painting. An artist tends to drift away into altered states to escape the shackles of the modern society which has no understanding for them. In these states, artists feel more like themselves and feel they are worthy of their call. Being hypersensitive and emotional are other characteristics of aspiring artists. Lack of money because of the non-acceptance of the society is another devastating companion of artists.

Artists never stop learning new things. In order to fit into the modern society, an artist must learn the ways that society works and functions. He or she will try to reproduce some of the most popular ways of living through their art, yet, whether the society will accept the artist’s vision remains a question. Artists often feel different from their peers who are not artists – rejected, misunderstood and confused. It becomes a real struggle for an artist to survive all the criticism of the society and, eventually, make a profit from their work.

One of the positive qualities an artist can have in today’s society is the openness to new things. One should be able to accept any new situation with a positive attitude, no matter how dark and dull it seems. Artists should strive for finding a meaning in everything that crosses their path. Spontaneity is another great quality of an aspiring artist – learning how to cope with the neverending criticism of modern people who do not understand the tendencies of an artist. Escaping into altered states is not a good option, nor is isolation from the world – to deal with the modern society, an artist must be aware of all the dangers that await them on their road to success. There will always be a gap between the artist and the public, however, artists must remain aware that the purpose of art is communication, not just self-expression. Art isn’t just for art’s sake – it should serve as a connection, a link between the deeper aspects of the humanity and people, who need to start finding art, instead of just looking for it.